AmbioMote24-A /12

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This is a version of AmbioMote with very low leakage current.  Best suited for steady low-level excitations. a sensor reading and wireless transmission can originate from from very low excitation, just sufficient to charge a 0.5uF storage capacitor.

  • 2.4Ghz frequency band
  • 2Mbps raw data rate (500kbps pure data)
  • Very low leakage energy storage and conversion
  • Tight integration of energy harvesting electronics and power management
  • 5V-80V input voltage for piezoelectric harvesters
  • Available energy backup or primary source
  • Unique ID for each sensor
  • 80m open air transmission range
  • ADC, SPI, I2C and serial sensor interfaces

Additional info:

  • AmbioMote product brief
  • Estimating efficiency of energy harvesting
  • Using AmbioMote as a wireless SPI link

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